A Novel Pairing: Days Made of Glass

A Novel Pairing because I love books and wine.

In her heartfelt sibling drama Days Made of Glass, Laura Drake drops us into the world of Professional Bull Fighting, a world I previously knew little about. This inspirational page turner deals with family and friendship, both found where least expected. Harlie Cooper struggles to care for her younger sister and earns her friendship; all the while, she gains family within the bullfighting world she clambers to conquer.

Truth be told, in choosing a wine to sip during this story, my mind wanders to the cowboys and bullfighters. I want to share time with them, hear their stories, and ingest their energy, as Harlie learns to do- and in doing so, enables herself to care for her little sister.

So, my question isn’t so much which wine would I enjoy amidst the athletes of “the toughest sport on dirt,” it is which wines drink like a beer?

Days Made of Glass calls for a buttery refreshing Chardonnay which compares to a wheat beer in its similar smooth richness. Madeline Puckette from Wine Folly suggests over thirty wines to share with beer lovers here.

Cheers to Laura Drake and her wonderful story of family, friendship, trust, and truth.

Published by If Corks Could Talk ™

If you are reading If Corks Could Talk™, then you are looking for that perfect 5pm story, an unwinding story. One that might be funny and light-hearted or poignant and sincere, just a short story to clear your mind of the day and start your evening afresh. So, kick off your shoes, pop open your preference and get comfortable. Don’t forget, your cork will be listening...

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